Atom Division - Years of Birth 2008-2010


Please remember this is meant to be a fun environment. 

A recreational league so the kids can play without any coaches playing to win.
Please treat everyone equally and fair.
Please enforce zero tolerance on any teasing or harassment.
Mouth guards must be worn on the teeth. Referees are encouraged to use OMHA rule.
Players to bring their own water bottles.
1 minute buzzer will be used to ensure fair ice time. 

Please use an "off the ice" door, and an "on the ice" door.

The 3rd & 4th player needs to be 10 feet away from the bench before next group of players can go on. 

No Slap Shots. Refs discretion. Knee high judgment. Will be whistled and team looses possession of the puck.

Please promote puck movement. Individual play is not good for the team.

Thank you all for participating and volunteering your time for the kids.

WALLY DEVER RINK (WD) - when entering rink HOME bench is on the left, GUEST is on the right. Therefore.... HOME team uses Rooms 3 or 4, VISITOR team uses Rooms 1 or 2.  
ALL FEMALE PLAYERS DRESS In Room 5 which is to the left when entering.

FAMILY DENTAL CENTRE RINK (FDC) - when walking down to the dressing rooms, the VISITORS bench is first, the HOME bench is at the other end. 
Therefore.... HOME team uses Rooms 7 or 9, VISITOR team uses Rooms 1 or 3.  
ALL FEMALE PLAYERS DRESS In Room 5 which is behind the HOME team bench.


4 Goalies & 48 Skaters maximum
Still room for more to apply. Requests to play with someone will be considered, but balanced teams is our priority.

VOLUNTEER DOORMEN: 2 per team required:



TEAM 1  -  
Doormen/Coach: B Reitzel, A Bellanger, M Brasset
Goalie: C Hanninen
Skaters: N Reitzel, J Andress, S Brasset, R Stevens, J Brant-McCalder, A Fyke, C Cybulskie, P McCullough, I Bailey, B Dryfout, G Armstrong

TEAM 2  -  
Doormen/Coach: D VanSolen, W Brown, J Mooney
Goalie: R Deline
Skaters: K VanSolen, B Brown, P Mooney, E Kirk, J Gallagher, C Slone, B Smith, R Bruce, I Bailey, R Babbs, D Delarosbil

TEAM 3  -  
Doormen/Coach:  C Smith, G Goodine, K Horricks
Goalie: B MacDonald
Skaters: K Deveau-Smith, G Davis, S Watts-Horricks, G Jette, E Lesser, N Lesser, J Smeenk, M Kingma, G Parliament, L Hanna

TEAM 4   -  
Doormen/Coach: M Eberts, B Manlow, D Foley 
Goalie: R Pigden
Skaters:  O Eberts, L Manlow, R Foley, J Taft, T LaMorre, T Gulliver, J August, B Marcucci, P Clute, A Hakar, B Reid