Bantam Division - Years of Birth 2004-2005

Players in this division will be moving into Bantam Minor and Bantam Major.


Please remember this is meant to be a fun environment.  

Please treat everyone equally and fair. Please enforce zero tolerance on any teasing or harassment. 

Mouth guards must be worn on the teeth.

Referees are encouraged to use OMHA rule. 

Players to bring their own water bottles. 

1 minute buzzer will be used to ensure fair ice time. 

Please use an "off the ice" door, and an "on the ice" door.

The 3rd & 4th player needs to be 10 feet away from the bench before next group of players can go on. 

No Slap Shots. Refs discretion. Knee high judgment. Will be whistled and team looses possession of the puck.

Please promote puck movement. Individual play is not good for the team.

Thank you all for participating and volunteering your time for the kids.

Players Responsibility
Play with respect for each other. Zero tolerance on rough play and verbal harassment.
Label and bring your own water bottles and do not drink from others.
Players change on the fly. Hard skating and quick shifts are expected.
Player needs to be 10 feet away from the bench before next player can go on.
Players are expected to wear mouth guards properly for their safety. Referees have been encouraged to use the OMHA 10 minute penalty rule.
Discretion of refs. Sticks raised above knee making contact with the puck for a shot will be whistled and team loses possesion of the puck.

Thank you all for participating and volunteering your time for the kids. 



VOLUNTEER DOORMEN: 2 required per team



TEAM 1  -  
Doormen/Coach: T Guerrera, B Manlow, M Boates, others if needed please
Goalie: D Payment
Skaters: D Guerrera, L Manlow, T Lane, K Lane, M Goulden, S Riemans, T Boutilier, N Ford, T Daoust, G Boates, B Sills, D Philips

TEAM 2  - 
Doormen/Coach: J Brady, A McCambridge, others if needed please
Goalie: S Mumby
Skaters: T Brady, R Brady, A McCambridge, S Douglas-Najem, T Woytenko, A Fournier, O Skinner, G Skinner, N Hemming, B Bashall, D Alley

TEAM 3 -  
Doormen/Coach: B Mason, S Ferguson, others please fill in when needed
Goalie: E Reid
Skaters: C Brant, T Tawse, J Mason, N Ferguson, A Rozic, M Ross, O Bird, D McCullough, D Osmond, N Hibbert, B Beaubien, A Mayhew

TEAM 4  -  
Doormen/Coach:   D Putnam, B Steedman, others if needed please
Goalie: T Smith
Skaters: H Putnam, K Steedman, R Morrow, J Gardner, L Cocek, T Cocek, D McLeod-Lockwood, J Deacon, A Philips, B Darrington, T Cheer, C Seymour

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